Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Singing Over Me

The LORD, your God ... will exult over you with loud singing ... Zeph 3:17, RSV
God is always singing over me.

What is the song of God? It's the rustle of leaves in an autumn breeze. It's the rush of water traveling down a stream. The birds singing praise every sunrise. It's the buzz of a bee, and the sound of pouring rain. This is how He sings over me.

O! How great is His love for us!

God's song is never far. You need only step out the front door, and there it is—familiar, unlike anything you've ever heard.

Best of all, you can feel the song of God in your own heartbeat. The heartbeat itself is proof of God's plan for us...each heartbeat is a gentle whisper.

“Don't give up yet, My child...I have plans for you...yours is a happy ending.”

Your ending fills the Father with such gladness, He sings a song of it.

He's singing melodies of joy and hope. He sings because He loves you. What better way to comfort a broken child than with a lullaby?

Listen for His voice: He is always singing over His creation, for He is full of love.

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