Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Present Moment

We’re always thinking.
Sometimes it’s on things that have long passed
Realities that never will be real again
People that have since passed on
Friendships long forgotten
And memories that will remain just that. Memories.

Or maybe we’re fantasizing about the future.
On events that may never come
Laughs that may never be
Tears that will be shed
And desires that will never materialize and remain just that. Desires.

But what if we woke up and realized what was going on around us?
What if we were shaken from our dreams and given a dose of reality.
You are sitting here. Reading this.
The wind is blowing outside.
The clock is ticking.
You are breathing.
You are alive.

Then the question arises: what is the best way to live my life?
The past is gone and can never be changed.
The future will never come because it comes each second,
And there may not be a tomorrow for us.
What matters now is that we are in the present moment.
The present. Now.

Feeling the cool breeze blowing on your face
Hearing a child’s laughter in the distance
Reading a book while sipping a cup of tea
Decorating a statue with flowers
Taking a moment to reflect on how blessed you are.
Those small moments.
Picking up a piece of string
Giving a smile to someone who annoys you
Sacrificing something of yours for someone else.
Enduring an illness
Laughing.  Even when it hurts.

Enjoy and live each moment to the fullest. Even the moments that bring suffering.
We only have today. Tomorrow may never come.
~Written by Justin B.

See the video rendition here:

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