Tuesday, October 29, 2013

O Son of Man, have pity on me!

O Son of Man, have pity on me!
These arid lips have poured forth malice, and these pale hands have sowed destruction.
The weight of envy and pride now crush the pillars of my heart. 
I beg, save me from the damp and wretched pit I dragged myself into.
My spirit grows faint in knowing it has offended thee, my Love.
O Son of David, have pity on me!
The scarlets of the forest recount the conditions of affairs between us.
Blankets of the snow covered hills reminisce the delighted memories of the past.
Withdrawn from even the glimmer of hope do I now reside.
O Son of Mary, have pity on me!
 My heart has grown attune to the hazardous storms of the arctic desolate plains.
Day is night, and night is now my day.
Although in the atmosphere of sharp heartaches does my soul sense the presence of this charming light.
The serene voice amidst the anguish of my soul crops up and makes out the melody of my old-time friend.
“I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean… I will create a new heart in you and put a new spirit in you.”
From being petrified to being transfigured with the life giving waters of tranquility, am I transformed once more.
I am reminded of the hope-filled promise of the Consoler of my heart.
“Behold I make all things new.
With glee is my soul in song:
Glory to the king of ages, for His love is everlasting.
Give praise to His Eternal Splendor; the skies of night and day enchant the grandeur of His name.
Arise descendants of Adam, to enlighten all mankind.
Go teach all nations to play and pray. O only then, will mankind find peace.
Herald the Celestial Antiphon, the King of glory delights in His people.
Day, night, rain, sky, earth, beast, bird, powers, nor death can separate the love between God and man.
The Creator and the created, both intertwine themselves at the wedding feast of lights.
The Heavenly bridegroom awaits His bride, as stars linger in the sky.
Herald that glorious canticle, for Heaven and Earth kiss forevermore.
Mountains melt, roses swell up in scented hymns, and the seas blush at the sight of their Lord.
Milk and honey and the sweetness of the setting summer sky cannot capture the magnificence of the Prince of Peace's appearance.
O weary soul, give heed to the Savior of World for He has come to set the captives free.

~Written by Abraham C.

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